What is the difference between Edition 4 and Edition 3 courses?

The Edition 4 Standard and Youth MHFA courses released in early February 2017 include updates to course content, resources and look and feel of the courses. Course structure remains largely unchanged from Edition 3 courses with minor updates to ensure content aligns with the current evidence base.

Key changes include:

  • Minor changes have been made to the definition of Mental Health First Aid and the Action Plan.
  • Additional content has been added to the Edition 4 manuals including chapters about gambling problems and eating disorders in the Standard MHFA manual and an appendix about communicating with an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander young person about a mental health problem in the Youth MHFA manual. Both manuals now contain a new appendix about considerations when helping a person from the LGBTIQ community.
  • Several new films and an animation to assist learning.

From February to August 2017 Accredited MHFA Instructors are transitioning their delivery to Edition 4 Standard and Youth MHFA courses. You can tell if a course is Edition 4 on the MHFA website by the number 4 within the icon next to advertised course.


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