Information for Students

The teen MHFA course gives young people the skills they need to recognise and help with mental health problems and crises in their friends, and to get the help of an adult quickly. This course has not been introduced because of any specific problems at your school (or wherever the course is being offered to you). No individual person will be discussed in the course.

Young people will often turn to each other when stressed or upset, and try to help each other, and sometimes take too much on. This course teaches you not to try to take on these problems alone, and when you should get an adult involved.

The course discusses suicide. Some people may find it distressing. Talk to a parent or another trusted adult about it if you’re worried that talking about suicide will make it too hard for you to be a part of the course. However, you should be aware that most people find that even if they have lost someone to suicide, the information in the course makes them feel better, not worse. It is good to know how to help.

If you want more information about teen Mental Health First Aid, this Frequently Asked Questions list should be able to help.


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