As a clinical psychologist / mental health professional, can I do a shorter course to become a MHFA Instructor?

Only accredited MHFA Instructors can conduct MHFA courses. It is recognised that clinical psychologists and other mental health professionals are very skilled and knowledgeable about mental health problems and their treatments. However, MHFA courses have a first aid focus and not one from a clinical aspect. Doctors and registered nurses do not always make the best first aiders. They are very competent in treatment in a clinical setting, but not usually taught or experience the basic care that a first aider can give prior to professional medical help arriving.

It is difficult to find which parts of the week-long program to exempt mental health professionals from as the bulk of the week involves learning the curriculum of the MHFA course and how to present it. There are a number of clinical psychologists and other mental health professionals who are accredited MHFA Instructors and all have completed the 5-day MHFA Instructor Training Course.

There are selection criteria to become a MHFA Instructor, the first one being a good knowledge and experience in mental health problems.


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