Is there an MHFA Instructor running courses in my area?

The instructors' names, contact details and locations are listed on this website under Find an Instructor.

MHFA Australia does not employ the MHFA Instructors that it trains and accredits. Therefore, each MHFA Instructor has the autonomy and flexibility to set their own fees. We recommend modest fees on a sliding scale, however, Instructors need to be able to cover their costs. Some Instructors teach the MHFA course as part of their paid employment and thus have a salary whilst teaching, others conduct the MHFA course as a private business. Having a local instructor will help to limit the cost of their travel. 

Fees can potentially be reduced further, if any of the following items are provided for the Instructors:

  • A suitable training venue;
  • Refreshments;
  • Equipment (TV and DVD player, whiteboard, overhead projector or data projector and laptop).

A fee of $100 - $300 per person could be expected and a desirable course size is between 8 - 22 participants with one instructor.

Please contact one of our instructors after looking at the website again. Each instructor listing has a brief Instructor profile, which you can access by clicking on their name. If you have difficulties locating an available instructor we will see what we can do to assist.


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