If a trainee MHFA instructor has already attended an MHFA course, would they then only need to attend three days of the MHFA instructor training course (thereby adjusting the cost too)?

The ideal situation for a trainee MHFA Instructor is that they have already attended an MHFA course with another Instructor, prior to the commencement of an MHFA Instructor Training Course.

Trainee instructors must attend every day of the Instructor Training Course. It is necessary that trainee Instructors attend every day of the Instructor Training Course for the following reasons;

1. You are able to observe the course from the viewpoint of being an Instructor, rather than a recipient.

2. Each Instructor has different teaching methods and it is an advantage to experience at least 2 styles before becoming an Instructor yourself.

3. The course conducted on the first 2 days usually imparts more knowledge, given it is a class of trainee instructors.

4. Important networking and group cohesion occurs over the week.


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