Are there CALD versions of the MHFA program?

We have a Vietnamese version of the Edition 1 Standard Course. The main modifications were to make the Vietnamese version of the MHFA course sensitive to the beliefs and views of Vietnamese culture. Asian cultures very often view mental illnesses as physical symptoms. The format of the 12hr course is similar to the Standard MHFA course. The modified MHFA manual and PPT slides are translated.

So far, we have only had one Instructor Training course to train Vietnamese Instructors. They need to meet our regular criteria and also be bilingual and accepted as one of the CALD community they are training for. Hence the MHFA Instructors who teach the Vietnamese MHFA course are Vietnamese and also trained as a mental health professional here in Australia e.g., psychologist, social worker etc.

With funding from beyondblue we have adapted the Standard manual into simplified and traditional Chinese for Chinese Australians, which is available to purchase on our online shop. Instructors are able to deliver the course using the adapted manuals.


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