How can I become an Accredited MHFAider?

To become an accredited MHFAider, you will need to pass an online Accreditation Assessment. This assessment is only administered online and an MHFA Instructor cannot administer it at the end of the course.
You are eligible to attempt this assessment if you have:

  • Completed an MHFA course;
  • An email address;
  • Consented to share your email address and your first and last name with your MHFA Instructor to enter online at the MHFA Australia website

About 3 days after the course ends, you will need to:

  • Open an automated email sent from to you, which will have a link to the online course feedback form (reminders will be sent to you over the next 4 weeks if you miss the first email);
  • Click on this link to enter feedback about the MHFA course you attended;
  • Once you have submitted your feedback then you can select to complete the online Accreditation Assessment.

Note: You will have 3 years after the course ends to enter your feedback and attempt the Accreditation Assessment. The sooner you complete this, the longer your accreditation will be active.


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