What is the MHFAider Accreditation Program?

A Mental Health First Aider (MHFAider) is a person who has completed an MHFA Course delivered by an Accredited MHFA Instructor. As an MHFAider you have the opportunity to complete an online Accreditation Assessment in order to become an Accredited MHFAider for 3 years.

If you pass the assessment, you will be issued a digital PDF Certificate of Accreditation by MHFA Australia. If you do not pass the assessment, you will receive a digital PDF Certificate of Completion. If the latter happens, we then recommend you complete the full MHFA course again in the future and re-attempt the Accreditation Assessment. In this way, we can ensure all MHFAiders have demonstrated their competency before going on to do a shorter Refresher Accreditation Course in 3 years time.



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