How do I find an accredited MHFA instructor to deliver the face-to-face component of a Blended MHFA course?

Accredited instructors are listed on our website here. You can search for an instructor in your area and by accreditation so you can find an instructor accredited to deliver the face-to-face session of your Blended course near you.

If you don't find an instructor in your town/city then please leave this field blank and just select the relevant state when searching. For example, entering 'Melbourne' would exclude instructors that have suburbs of Melbourne listed in their profile.

You can view an instructors profile by clicking on their name which will display any upcoming courses scheduled. If they do not have any courses scheduled or the dates are not suitable, please contact the instructor directly to discuss your options.

Please note that if you are undertaking the Blended course through your workplace, university or TAFE they may already have arranged a face-to-face session with an accredited MHFA instructor for you.


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