How do I do a bulk enrolment for the eLearning component of a Blended MHFA course?

eLearning bulk enrolments are purchased in the form of vouchers from the shop. Once purchased, voucher codes will be sent to you via email and they can be distributed. The voucher codes are for single-use only and do not have an expiry date. To enrol in an eLearning course, each user simply needs to visit the eLearning course (link provided along with the voucher email) and enter in their voucher code when prompted. Discounts apply for purchases of 11 or more vouchers. See our eLearning bulk enrolment pricing (not applicable for the eLearning component of the Blended MHFA Course for Tertiary Students).

Organisations will need to pay an Instructor separately for their face-to-face session, or alternatively the Instructor may offer to purchase the bulk eLearning vouchers on an organisation's behalf, and incorporate this into their overall fee. 

Bulk enrolment instructions for distributing with vouchers

To complete the eLearning component of a Blended MHFA Course you will need to register to enrol with MHFA.  

Step #1 Please access and complete the user registration:

Example link:

Please ensure you use your personal email address.

When complete you will be sent an email to activate the account (check your JUNK/SPAM folder).

Step #2 Open your MHFA email and click on the activation link

Login and set a password

Step #3 Go to courses in the navigation bar on MHFA website and select the relevant Blended Course

Scroll down to How do I enrol?

Enrolling in this Blended Course is a two-step process:

Enrol and complete the eLearning component - you can do this via MHFA website  Click on the link

Step #4 Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on green "Apply" button

Complete and add in your unique voucher code ##########

Step #5 Complete the pre-quiz questionnaire

Congratulations you are ready commence the eLearning component of the Blended MHFA Course.

Enjoy the learning and if you need assistance please email or give MHFA techsupport a call on 03 9079 0208 (answering service is in place if I can’t take the call they will respond to you as soon as they can).

Upon Completion of the eLearning component of the Blended Course

Once you have completed the eLearning component, you need to coordinate a time to undertake the half hour face-to-face session to complete the Blended MHFA Course and be ready for the short 15 question online assessment. Once you have successfully completed the assessment you able to download a Certificate of Accreditation that is valid for 3 years. 


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