I've completed an eLearning course and am interested in the MHFAider Accreditation?

After successful completion of the eLearning component for Nursing, Medical and Tertiary MHFA courses you are eligible to attend a half-day face-to-face course then attempt the MHFAider Assessment. You must do this within 3 months of completing the eLearning component. If you successfully pass, you will gain an MHFAider accreditation valid for 3 years.

From the 31 March 2017, Nursing, Medical and Tertiary will become one course called Blended MHFA for Tertiary Students. As a student of any of these courses, you can attend a Tertiary face-to-face course then attempt the MHFAider Assessment.

Find a public course or book an Instructor

You can search our website for MHFA Instructors who are delivering public MHFA for Tertiary Students by filtering by that accreditation type and your location. You can search for a public MHFA for Tertiary Students course here.

Alternatively, you may seek to book an instructor for yourself or a group of students. Read about what the face-to-face session covers and how to book an instructor to deliver the session here.

Is MHFAider Accreditation compulsory?

The face-to-face component is not compulsory and the proof of completion certificate you receive at the end of the eLearning component demonstrates that you have a good understanding of Mental Health First Aid. 



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