What will MHFA do with my email address?

MHFA Australia will use MHFAider’s email addresses to:

  • email MHFAiders their unique link to enter in their course feedback online and attempt optional online Accreditation Assessment.
  • email MHFAiders their Certificates of Accreditation after successful completion of the assessment (or Certificate of Completion after providing feedback only or should they not pass the assessment).
  • remind MHFAiders to complete a Refresher Accreditation MHFA Course when their MHFAider Accreditation is due to expire after 3 years.
  • provide them with any relevant resources that help to reinforce their MHFA knowledge and skills such as the MHFA iPhone and Android Apps.
  • invite them to sign up to our Friends of MHFA Newsletter.

MHFA Australia will not distribute or sell MHFAiders’ email addresses, nor use for any other purposes. Please see our full privacy policy here:



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